Fischer z Erlachu Johann Bernhard

*1656 (Graz, Austria), †5. 4. 1723 (Vienna, Austria)

Austrian architect who worked also in Czech lands, representative of high Baroque style. His work combines the tradition of Roman Baroque style with French classicized tendencies and influenced fundamentally development of architecture in whole Central Europe. He was court architect of Salzburg archbishop and Austrian general Eugen of Savoy. His buildings are monumental and glorious, representative character prevails over the Baroque joyness.

  • Works in Prague(selection):
    • Clam-Gallas Palace in Husova street
    • Diamond monstrance (design), put aside in Loretto
    • Tombstone of J.V.Vratislav of Mitrovice in church of St. James the Greater in Malá Štupartská Street
  • Works out of Prague (selection):
    • Court d´honneur and stables at Lednice chateau
    • Hofburg in Vienna
    • Fountain Parnas at Cabbage market in Brno
    • Ancestor´s hall, chateau chapel and stables at the chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí
    • Schöbrunn in Vienna
    • chateau in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou
    • Cathedral of the Holiest Trinity in Salzburg
    • Chateau and church of St. Cross in Brodek by Přerov

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